In the press

“And with her youthful, agile mezzo-soprano voice, Nina van Essen is an enchanting and persuasive Rosina” Hannoversche Algemeine, 20th of January 2020

“… van Essen as Rosina is ideally casted,… “ Neue Musikzeitung, 19th of January 2020

“As always at the beginning of a concert, the audience of Hannover was a bit reserved during the opening concert of the season. The ice was then broken with the excerpts from “Il barbiere di Siviglia” by Rossini, where Michele Spotti conducted the overture of this opera, which I have rarely experienced so vividly and glowing before. From this moment the audience was ignited. Nina van Essen and Hubert Zapior then showed with the duet Rosina / Figaro “Dunque io son” that you can increase even more. Full of joy they acted. Nina van Essen delighted with her mobile, sensual mezzo-soprano voice, Hubert Zapior with his beautiful baritone sound. Experiencing this couple on stage will be a pleasure.”
Katrin Kutter in Hannoversche Allgemeine, 1st of September 2019


“The Dutch mezzo-soprano Nina van Essen sings Gwendolen Fairfax. A big voice (chest) enriched with vocal strength in the higher register. She is well in harmony with the orchestra, also in the very delicate duet with megaphones, when she sings with closed mouth.
Voijin Jaglicic in Olyrix, 21th of May 2019

“The mezzo-soprano Nina van Essen composes a delicious Gwendolyn”
Philippe Venturini, Les Echos 20th of May 2019

“Nina van Essen is impeccable as Gwendolyn”
La liberté Fribourg, 2nd of May 2019

“Nina van Essen, received the public prize (1.500 euro) for her fragments from  La clemenza di Tito and L’heure espagnole. Especially in the last piece she made a great impression. Big voice, pure timbre, lively text comprehension: someone who we will hear a lot more from in the future”
Jordi Kooiman in Place de l’opera Den Bosch, 16th of  september 2018

”We love the warm, vibrant and inhabited mezzo sound of Nina van Essen (Masha)”
Laurent Bergnach in Anaclase Parijs, 14th of february 2018

“Nina van Essen, in the role of Masha, mezzo-soprano of great mastery, with a stable but nuanced voice”
Max Yvetot / Olivier Keegel, 13th of february 2018

“Especially point out the accomplished singing of Mezzo Nina van Essen”
Brigitte Cormier in Forum Opera, 10th of february 2018

”Nina van Essen earned the greatest appreciation for her Madame de la Haltière. She came with a total package – bühnepresence, acting and singing – of a very high level ”
Peter Franken in Opera Magazine Den Haag, 14th of January 2017

”Hans and Grietje are sung crystal clear by mezzo Nina van Essen and soprano Jeannette van Schaik”
Biëlla Luttmer in the Volkskrant, 7th of August 2017

“The soloist cast was strong and promising. Mezzo Nina van Essen (Hänsel) and soprano Jeannette van Schaik formed a pleasant couple who visibly had fun and worked well together.”
Joep Stapel in NRC, 6th of Augustus 2017


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